The Purpose of ELPA21 Scores

ELPA21 scores fulfill various functions: 

  • Inform initial program eligibility decisions
  • Allow for tracking of progress toward attaining English language proficiency
  • Determine eligibility for program exit
  • Inform classroom instruction for English learners
  • Identify resource needs for both students and teachers
  • Provide evidence of program effectiveness



Domain Scores

ELPA21 provides scale scores (3-digit values) for each of the four language domains — listening, reading, writing, and speaking. These scores are used to assign a performance level (1–5) for each domain and an overall proficiency classification.

Overall Proficiency Classification

The overall proficiency of an English learner is determined by tallying up each of the four domain scores, resulting in one of three classifications:

  • Emerging — Level 1 or 2 in all non-exempt domains
  • Progressing — at least one domain below Level 4 and at least one domain above Level 2
  • Proficient — Level 4 or 5 in all non-exempt domains

Score Reports

ELPA21 score reports provide data and descriptions of student performance, student growth, and school accountability. Reports feature user-friendly language and graphics to help parents/caregivers and educators easily interpret test results.

To learn more about the score report’s contents, please see the Sample ELPA21 Score Report. For further information on interpreting score reports, please refer to the Quick Guide to Understanding Reports or the Parent Guide to Score Reports, available in both English and Spanish.