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Governance Structure

ELPA21 is committed to a collaborative model, and its governance and management structures rely heavily on the collective wisdom and decisions of the ELPA21 members. Upon receipt of the U.S. Department of Education grant award in September 2012, ELPA21 focused on formulating responses to the grant’s terms and conditions, establishing and populating its governance structure, and designing the assessment system structure and processes for development. Since joining CRESST at UCLA, ELPA21’s focus has been on enhancing the assessment system. Each member of ELPA21 at UCLA has a voting representative on the Governing Board. The Governing Board works with common purpose in support of the operation and growth of ELPA21. The Governing Board’s procedures establish a structure for the orderly operation and transparent decision making of ELPA21 at UCLA. Below is a list of the appointed member representatives. Additionally, three advisory committees provide guidance and review of processes and projects within ELPA21. Each advisory committee includes member-nominated participants. The committees and their managers follow: Research and Evaluation: Kilchan Choi; Assessment Design: Michelle McCoy; and Member Support and Outreach: Jobi Lawrence.

Arkansas Alan Lytle, EL Assessment Specialist & Title III Co-coordinator, Arkansas Department of Education, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education
Iowa Terri Schuster, English Learner Assessment Consultant
Louisiana Alissa Kilpatrick, Assessment Content Director
Nebraska Allyson Olson, Title III Director, English Language Learner Programs and Assessment
Ohio David Brauer, Assessment Developer, Ohio Department of Education
Oregon Ben Wolcott, ELPA Specialist, Oregon Department of Education
West Virginia Mami Itamochi, Coordinator, International Education, Office of Federal Programs

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